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Everyone grows and nobody can prevent the growth process, it’s just a natural part of our lives. Of course, while we all grow, some of us grow quicker than others. some of us will grow earlier than us and some of us will grow more than us. This is because not everyone hits their growth spurt at the same time. There is also a genetic element involved. It can happen in short bursts or it can happen all at once.

If there is a delay in growing when it comes to children, however, they should be seen by a doctor to make sure there aren’t any problems. Some children experience growth defects and you want to make sure, this is something you can nullify by visiting your doctor.

There are 300 bones in our body when we are born, but 206 bones out of those remain by the time we reach adulthood.

Why does this happen?

Mainly because our bones are basically cartilage when we are babies which is why baby’s bones are so much more susceptible to break with light impact. As we get older our bones go through what is called ‘ossification’, where the cartilage turns solid. Eventually sets of smaller bones will unite/mergeinto one large bone, resulting reduction in the total number of bones in our body.


Growth plates are located at the ends of some of the long bones in our body. When some of the cartilage doesn’t ossify all at the same time, these plates continue to make new tissue while the old tissue turns into bone. Therefore making you grow even more. Once you stop growing which is usually when you are an adult, the plates will ossify as well, leaving you at your final height. If something damaging happens to these growth plates, while you are still young, your growth could be stunted and could cause some bones to be more mature than others, and some longer than others.

You can actually estimate the potential height of a child by watching their growth pattern. A female will usually have a full height of double her height when she is three years old. A male will usually have a full height of double his height when he is three years and three months old.

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