Question: What is Growth on Powder?
Answer: Growth on Powder is an Ayurvedic Body Growth Formula to increase height naturally.

Question: How does Growth on Powder work?
Answer: Growth on Powder increases height by stimulating and boosting the natural human body growth hormone, the natural process of the endocrine system and the pituitary glands which is the manufacturer of the growth hormone in human beings. It helps in providing all the important nutrients to the body.

Question: Are there any side effects of consuming the powder?
Answer: The powder is 100% natural and Ayurvedic; hence there are no side effects?

Question: Who can use this product?
Answer: Growth on can be used by both men and women from ages between 8 to 30 years.

Question: What are the ingredients used to make the powder?
Answer: Since Growth on is an Ayurvedic formula, it consists of all natural Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Gokhru, Vidarikand, Konch Beej, Jaifal, Dalchini, Safed Musli and many more essential herbs.

Question: How do I use Growth On?
Answer: For Children: 2 to 5gms with water or milk, twice a day.
For Adults: 5 to 10gms with water or milk, twice a day.

Question: What is included in the package?
Answer: The package contains 3 bottles of 100gms each.

Question: At what age should you start using Growth On?
Answer: The course can begin from the ages of 8 years onwards. It is however better to start the course sooner to get better results.

Question: How long before I can see the results?
Answer: The course is for three months and you should start to see result within this time. However, results may vary from person to person.

Question: When do we stop growing tall?
Answer: For boys and girls it is different. Girls stop gaining height at the age of 18 and boys by the age of 21 years.

Question: What is average height of men and women in India?
Answer: The average height of men in India is 5.5ft and women it is 5ft.

                                                        Shipping and Delivery
Question: How can I order for Growth On?
Answer: You can buy the product from our website or call our customer care number. We don’t retail or whole sale this product at the moment. So avoid buying from any other channels.

Question: How do I make the payment?
Answer: You can make a payment online by using your credit card, debit card or by Cash on Delivery. Though paying online gives you extra discounts some times.

Question: What is the delivery time of the product?
Answer: The product is shipped out within two business days of receiving your order and payment. Orders made on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next open business day. You should receive your order within 7 to 10 business days from day of shipping.

Question: I have not received my product?
Answer: It’s very rare that we miss delivering you within 7 business days. You can please write an email at along with your order number. We will respond within 1 business day after doing internal checks.

Question: Can I change my shipping address?
Answer: You can change the shipping address by contacting us at or call us on our customer care number within 24 hours of placing your order.

Question: Do you have any money back guarantee?
Answer: Yes. If you call or email us within 3 days of delivery of the product, we offer refunds on transit damages and product leakages. We recommend the customers to go through the ingredients and cross check with their respective doctor before buying the product. Please stop using the product in case you face any allergies.

Question: Is the product available to purchase overseas?
Answer: Growth on is available to purchase in India. If you wish to have the product delivered overseas please write to us at

Question: Are there any shipping charges?
Answer: Yes, shipping and handling charges are calculated at the time of checkout. Your total amount will include shipping and handling charges and any additional taxes.

For Expert Call related to product contact us on : 8291356857