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How to Look Tall – Accessorize the Right Way – Part 2

How to Look Tall

Continuing with our previous blog about how to dress to look tall, the following blog will talk about how to use the right accessorizes to elongate your height and how a good and correct posture can make you look tall.

 1. Adding Accessories to Your Wardrobe

Choose Shoes that stretch your frame

Shoes to look Tall

Knee-high boots can work wonders to your frame. It will make you look taller and stretched out. Shows with high heels like stilettoes and wedges are an obvious choice to add height. If you don’t like wearing heels or are uncomfortable in them, opt for nude colours shoes that blend in.

Short Cardigans and Jackets

Jackets and Cardigans

Keep your jackets, coats and cardigans short. These make your legs looking long and your torso short, giving an illusion of height. Choose your jackets such that they fall just above your hips. Wear them open and the same colour as the bottoms you wear.

Colour coding your pants and socks

Socks and Pants

Wear socks that match your pants. It will help you look taller and give a more monochromatic look. Do not use overly contrasting socks with your pants. So if you are wearing black pants match them with black socks.

Scarves and Hats

Hats and Scarfs

Draw attention to your face. Wear a hat or a scarf, these accessories can make you look taller and give balance to your upper and bottom. Pick accessories and clothing that match and compliment your features. For example, if you have light coloured eyes match your scarf or hat to your eye colour, it will bring attention upward instead your height.

Wear a Slim Belt

Wear Slim Belts

Belts can enhance your waistline and give it shape. Belts not just help you secure your skirts, pants or dresses, but these also make you look taller. Choose belts that are thin and slim. Big, bulky belts make you look shorter.

Choose a Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic Look

Whatever accessories you choose, make sure they match your outfit and are the same colour family. Wearing different colours will draw attention to different parts of your body. Wearing the same tone of colour creates a visual of one solid line. So if you are wearing a brown dress or a brown sweater with brown pants, pair it with a brown scarf, hat or skinny brown belt.

Wear High up Accessories

Add a bright tie or wear a pocket square to give details to your suits or choose shirts with upper pockets. Wearing higher up details and accessories will draw attention from your feet and torso to your head, making you look tall and add height.

2. The Right Posture

Correct Posture

Stand Straight

If you want to look taller, you need to start to stand straight. Lift your head, lengthen your spine and torso, keep your feet firmly on the ground and widen your shoulders. Keep a track on your posture throughout the day and avoid slouching.

Sit Straight

Maintain your posture while sitting. You can look taller even when sitting. Drop your shoulders and keep your spine straight when you are sitting.

Stretch your Chin and Hips

Do chin tucks to stretch your chin. Sit straight with your shoulders held back, pull your chin straight back to give yourself a double chin. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

To work your hips, get up from your desk. Kneel on one knee an arm’s length away from a wall. Press onto the wall and press down on the knee on the floor. Hold for several seconds and switch and repeat.

Floor Stretches


You can develop a good posture with floor stretches. Lie on the floor and stretch the body as long as possible. Continue to do so as long as it is comfortable. Relax, take deep breaths and repeat again for at least 10 minutes.

With a few tweaks here and there in your lifestyle can make you look tall. Feel better, look better.

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How to Look Tall – Dressing the Right Way – Part 1

Growth On

Read on below to find out how to look tall by just making a few changes to your wardrobe. It is a known fact that your height does not increase after you reach 18 years for girls and 21 for boys. So what do you do about it? You cannot grow your height unless you are taking hormonal supplements, but you can make an effort to look taller the cheat’s way.

It is natural to have a little insecurity about your height if you’re on the short side. A slight tweak and you can make yourself look tall; a few tweaks to your wardrobe can help. Combined with form-fitted tops, high-waist skirts and pants can help lengthen your frame. Bigger hats and scarves can be added as accessories that call attention to your upper half. The better you feel about yourself, the more self-confident and tall you will look. Sit up straight and tall, so you feel confident in your own body.

1. Choosing Skirts or Pants

Pants or Skirts

Go for form-fitted, high-waist dresses

Long and loose dresses can make you look saggy. They make you look like you’re floating in them, which draw attention to your height. Instead, go for dresses that are form-fitted and that cinch at the waist just above the hips. These make your body look well-proportioned, lengthening your overall frame.

For example, go for a dress with a pencil line skirt that cinches at the waist or a dress with a flared skirt.

Choose flared jeans

Flared Jeans

Try and look for jeans with a flare around the leg instead of straight-leg variations. Flared jeans make your legs look longer, attracting attention to your bottom half.

Jeans that drag on the floor make you look shorter. Make sure the flare of the jeans does not drag on the floor.

No Drop Crotch

Saggy pants, in general, are old-fashioned and can be particularly unflattering if you’re on the small and shorter side. If your pants are sagging, it will make you look shorter. If your pants sag near the crotch, have them tailored or find another fitting pair.

Pick high waist skirts or pants

High Waist Pants and Skirts

High waist bottoms make your legs look longer, stretching out your figure overall. When you are selecting skirts or pants, look for the ones that are meant to be buttoned and zipped at the waist. Bottoms that fall at the hips are less likely to elongate your frame.

Keep the legs of pants at the exact length

It is a must to find pants with legs that fall just at the right spot above your ankles. Loose-fitting legs draw attention to your smaller frame, so you need pants that are the exact right length. If you are struggling to find a pair with the precise length, have it tailored or cuff the legs.

2. Pick Tops that Lengthen Your Body

Opt for V-Necks

V- necklines

Go for V-necks whenever possible, for any top that you wear. V-necks work great to stretch out your frame and add height. Go for a V-neck T-shirt with flared, high-waist jeans.

If you are fond of wearing shirts, wear button downs to make it look like a V-neck, leave a few buttons undone and fold the corners of the shirt over.

Tuck the Tops

You will look taller if your upper body looks shorter and your legs look longer. To lengthen your frame, tuck in your shirts and tops. It works well with pants that are already high-waist.

If you wear a dress shirt and dress pants to work, tuck in the shirt to give a professional look that lengthens your frame.

Pick Slimmer Sleeves

Fitted Jacket

Slimmer sleeves are an excellent choice if you want to look taller, as they make your arms look distinct. It lengthens your entire frame. If your arms are hugged tightly against your body, it can create sight lines that shorten your overall look.

For example, choose a suit with a form-fitted, slim jacket that is tighter around the sleeves.

Opt for fitted Tops

Figure fitted clothes

Choose tops that are form-fitted and tighter, it will help you look tall and lengthen your frame. The looser and bulkier the tops, the more your figure will look shorter, and smaller. Stay away from large sweatshirts, sweaters, oversized shirts and t-shirts. Go for figure-hugging clothes.

In the next blog, we will talk about how to accessorise to look tall.